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We provide only world-class luxury renovations and construction.

We are able to provide for any commercial or private luxury construction/renovation needs, such as:

  • Design and Build
  • Commercial and private renovations
  • General Contracting

At Luxe Building Group, we know and appreciate the thought that goes into envisioning your future builds. Whether it is a dream living room, or a uniquely styled storefront, we are dedicated to realizing that vision.

Below is our warranty and unique process that outlines how we make your dream build.

Our Warranty

We take pride in what we do. As such, we have a warranty that guarantees satisfaction.

Regular quality checks are performed at each stage of the project. This internal process is to assure our clients that the project is being performed with high quality standards. We guarantee 5 full years of quality workmanship from the date of completion of your project. In addition to our in-house warranty, our projects are also covered and protected by manufacturer specifications for all the materials and products used.

Our Process


Stage One

We first schedule a free one-on-one assessment and face-to-face consultation. Understanding our client's needs and priorities is at the center of our process. Our team will then come on-site and quote a free estimate. We’ll discuss what you hope to achieve, what look you are going for, and any other necessary details.

After we know that we are in tune with your goals for your build, we create a custom proposal that includes the agreement between both parties, budget, contract, timeline and overall goal of the project. Ensuring that everything is satisfactory for our clients is the first and most important step that we take.


Stage Two

Using our state of the art technology, we begin our design process. With industry-recognized software for 3D rendering and custom detailed sketches, we ensure that you will know exactly what you will be getting. This allows us to make edits and changes quickly and efficiently at the clients discretion.

After the initial design period, we have another meeting and assessment, in order to present the final draft, any other last-minute details, and finalize everything we need to know before starting on your dream build.


Stage Three

Once we know what you want for your build, we get to envisioning it and making it reality. Creative guidance is never enough. We help choose the best materials and products for your project to ensure all your needs are met.

Everything from materials to methodologies goes through our panel, where we match what fits best for your specific project. This is how Luxe Building Group defines itself; we know what we need to get the job done, and done well.


Stage Four

The final stage is where the process of making your idea comes a reality. Progress begins, and we start the building and contracting phase. Using the guidelines we drafted during our initial review as the over-arching plan. Operating in this way ensures a slim to none chance of any issues down the line.

Our team will be present each step of the way to ensure each permit and application is properly filled out to avoid future contracting concerns. This is a problem that plagues many other building companies, but not ours. As the build progresses, we will show constant updates, all the way until completion. Satisfaction is earned every step of the way.